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All The Venuses Exhibition November 2018

130 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell - Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design End of year Graduate Exhibition. Friday 23rd November 2018

All the Venuses is a recurring project of collections of the female body. Rebelling against the objectification and sexualization of the female nude they draw motivation from the patriarchal history of figure painting, as well as contemporary female figure painters and the empowerment of women. I am reclaiming space from the domineering ideals of the patriarchy for women to talk about the representations, politics and stereotypes of women’s bodies. 


“All the Venuses” comes from the widely utilized idea of one subject being used to represent others. It is in this that the title can be used to describe not just the paintings but women’s difference, amongst women. 


The individual titles of the paintings draw inspiration from the titles of historical paintings, contemporary exhibitions and feminist writings. Thus, utilizing the history of painting, the female form, and the honouring of past female figures.

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