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Year Four Fine Arts and Photo Media Group Exhibition, 12th & 13th of April 2018

Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design, Pearce Gallery, 130 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell.

"The works curated for this show examine the connections and parallels between language and place, through collaborative projects. Artists were asked to form groups based around a specific theme concerning language and place, with the purpose of curating a show of exclusively collaborative works, to help foster connections within the works between the specific themes given to the groups, these are; dislocation, naming, fictional places, language makes meaning, translation, text in the information age and public vs private and language and place in a more general sense.

The groups were given no parameters for the execution of their intended projects (in terms of media and scale), and the result is a diverse array of works, ranging from photography and sculpture, to relational and interactive art. The works have been displayed within the gallery in ways to force the audience to interact with the space."

                                - Joshua Thompson, Ethan Coombridge, Kahurangi Smith, Klae Brown.

Fictional Places/House of Dreamsis a collaboration between four artists based around the physicality of making. Tash Knight and Louise Bush collaborated to create representational collages of fictitious landscapes balancing between a physical plane and a distorted reality. Eilish Clark and Ella Ranfft crafted a dwelling: House of Dreamsthat defies structure and reason, out of a network of predominantly popsicle sticks.


By showing objects in collage that we are usually connected to, and removing all human activity, our absence questions our connection to these places and on an even deeper level, questions what our purpose is. Fictional places in this context uses a combination of figurative and abstracted elements within a fabricated dwelling and a creation of place through collage.

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