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Warehouse size 20 November 2017

130 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell - Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design End of Year Three Exhibition.

Warehouse size 20 seeks new ways to explore and re-examine the body, especially the bodies of the oversized and obese in modern culture.


As the fabric is found, the frames are also. They are aged and yet are still able to hold up a garment, alluding to the many unseen uses of waste products. The frame is both a hanging mechanism and provides a connection to elements of mannequins within clothing stores.


The use of leftover remnants and scraps is a comment on the consumption of ‘fast fashion’ – a term used to describe when clothing lines produce a new product with a very quick turnover using cheap materials that will only last a few months before breaking. The seams on these garments here are sewn with a defected sewing machine – if the material is stretched too hard it may tear.  

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